It’s that time of year again

Love it or hate it, the season for cold blustery weather is upon us now. (At least for some of us…) And for me that always comes down to deciding if and when to blanket my horses.

It’s always a pretty big decision and one that I take pretty seriously.

Somehow in the editing, I cut out the alternative way to do leg straps. See below although you may need to use your imagination…:-)

3 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again”

  1. Brenda

    I’ve never put a blanket on a horse before but now I know how if I’m ever asked to I feel confident I’ll be able to do it properly, as always thank you for sharing and caring.

  2. I’m a minimal blanketer too! My reasons for using them:
    1. When they’re out and the weather’s particularly wet and windy
    2. When they’re in so can’t run around and the temperature is extremely low
    3. As you say, an old or compromised horse who can’t run around to keep warm
    4. If the horse’s coat is clipped off
    5. To make life easier for us humans because it keeps the mud off!

    I love that you have a completely clean blanket for your video Pat. Mine never stay that way for even 10 minutes after turning out! LOL

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