Saying someone is well grounded or has their feet firmly planted on the ground are expressions I’ve never thought about too much.

But then I read an article on a therapeutic technique that gave me pause.

Horses have a survival skill that connects them to the earth but it probably doesn’t do us any harm to get a little closer to nature whenever we have the chance too.

Here’s to being grounded…:-)

6 thoughts on “Grounding”

  1. Penny

    Watching my horse out in pasture makes me happy and i think she’s happy too.

  2. Lori A. Gordon

    I have several ways that I ground myself. Through my faith, my horse, gardening walking my dogs, spending time with my family.

  3. Judy McCracken

    I have spent the summer having kids come over to ride the horses and play with the minis. They like to hold the chickens too. I explained that being outside in the wind and the sun is good for us and good for the horses too. They need the stimulation that comes from visitors and the exercise is good for all. We only allowed 1 family per day and masks were not required on this little acre. Not one person has suffered from covid…..our immune systems are STRONG!

  4. Andrea Mifsud

    Hi Pat,
    This video reminded me of a book i read a while ago called “Earthing”.
    It talks about how important it is to actually have a physical connection with the earth, so walking barefoot.
    The theory is that we have evolved and have been forever exposed to the earth’s magnetic field As well as earths specific emission of a particular wavelength of energy ( the Schuman resonance).
    Some studies have shown that if for example people are completely isolated from the the above ( earth’s magnetic field and specific resonance) symptoms such as headaches, depression, fatigue Ect. develop. In today’s society we are increasingly more and more isolated from these benefits because of shoes, homes, ect plus all the man made electromagnetic fields ate not helping,
    We definitely need that physical connection so “grounding” ,”earthing” Can be very healing . 🙂
    So walk barefoot every chance you get!

  5. karen hudson

    i realy get grounded watching ur videos and learning from u ur voice is very soothing as wel there is a calmness to u that is infectious ty

  6. Your video is really relaxing =) I once read an article about the benefits of grounding and ever since then, when the weather allows, I walk barefoot in the morning in my pasture, admiring my stallions. I don’t know if it’s self-hypnosis or not, but I think after these walks I feel energized!

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