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This video is from a few years back but someone asked me a question about the stirrup bar the other day and I thought this was worth sharing again.

I have found many interesting ways to come off a horse in my life but equipment failure is definitely the one I try my best to avoid.

4 thoughts on “Check list”

  1. Catherine Adams

    This is a great reminder!!
    Pilots ALWAYS do a thorough check of the aircraft (large and small) before flying.
    Just as it’s the rider’s responsibility to ensure their safety, as well as the horses, on every ride.
    Not sure if there’s enough content but, could you do a video on some of the things we can do to make the riding experience a little nicer for the horse? (eg: in the winter, warming the bit before putting it the horses mouth)

  2. Angela Hunter

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the reminder. Equipment is as important as the coach and the horse. Thanks for recognizing this. I am one of those people who depend on others because I don’t own my own horse. Too often there are issues with the equipment but it is difficult to communicate concerns as a lesson student. I think it would be good for schools to have a form or some other way to give feedback regarding issues. We feel trapped by communication channels. We don’t want to complain but we do want our needs met and we do see issues first hand. If I was a manager or coach, I would want the information from students and I would welcome the feedback and opportunity to share ideas. Often students don’t understand and just need things to be explained. We need to work together and feel encouraged to ask questions. I love your focus on is my horse happy because that is the bottom line and it should be our first question. I have been to many riding schools in the GTA and I appreciate how at Harrogate, it was clear that the tack was well maintained and suitable for the horse. Thanks again for the open discussion on this stuff.

  3. This is an excellent reminder to _everyone_ who rides, whether on their own horses with their own tack, or someone else’s horse, even at a reputable riding school. Always, always, always check before you ride, even if you feel pressured to just get on.
    Many thanks Pat!
    PS I would add check the stitching at the top of the girth billets too!

  4. Karen Dance

    This is a great review of the equipment and what to look for. I didn’t know about the safety bar, so thank you!

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