Summer Camp basics

One of the great things about summer camp is that it reminds us of all the really basic things we do with horses and how to stay safe throughout.

It also gives us an excuse to explain concepts that have been known since as early as the 6th century BC…:-)

4 thoughts on “Summer Camp basics”

  1. SandyPetersen

    I have very fond memories of days spent at horseback riding camp…and that was about 45 years ago. I am sure those kids at your camp will take away lots of great memories too.

  2. Barbara Joan Strona

    Did they have horse summer camps in the forties? No horses where I went in Holland, Michigan. I spent six weeks from ages 6-12. Had it been horse camp. I would have stayed forever!

  3. Judith McCracken

    I only just discovered this last year and I’m 67 years old!
    Never saw it before but the water was totally drained out of my ‘bird bath’ (an old feed bowl on the ground). Thanks for explaining that.
    In regards to Horse camp, the time spent with a horse in the summer is unforgettable. My cousin (in her late 50s now) reminded me about the time we took a horseback ride in the pasture and while I took off at a lope up the stretch, her horse was coming up behind when her saddle slipped off to one side. She was yelling for me to stop. I asked her “Did I?” Thankfully she said “yes”. What a memory, she never rode again..:< How we survived without being killed is beyond me. Kids and horses…amazing.

  4. Linda Clulow

    That sunset will entice anyone to go for an evening ride! Adults will be clamouring for a grown up camp experience! Move over kids!! LOL!!

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