It’s almost like being a teenager all over again except this time the whole world is grounded with us.

There are positive things still happening around us though. At times like this we just might have to look a little harder to find them.

And if possible, get outside…:-)

It’s reassuring to see that nature is carrying on, setting an example for all of us.

Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “Grounded”

  1. Linda Clulow

    After hearing about Boris Johnson tonight, and a vet I follow on Facebook, I kinda got into a bit of a funk. Thank you Pat and Pebbles for setting a course direction in my thinking but at the same time being safe. I went outside today to start cleaning up the lawn and while staring down at the purple crocuses, a bee settled in for some nectar. And life goes on.

    Be safe everyone and go outside! (but not near anyone!)

  2. Judi McCRACKEN

    I LOVE this video. You are so correct! Get outside, listen to the birds, look at the buds on trees getting ready to burst open! Admire the crocus and daffys in your neighbors yard. I planted potatoes and carrots yesterday and got down on my knees in the dirt and handled seeds and carefully pushed the dirt over them with a prayer that God would continue to work His miracle of life over a dead seed and bring forth fruit. I have kept my eye on nature and watched it progress from grey and cold to sunny and bright during this time. I’m thankful it isn’t November 13th! I think it’s God’s mercy at work over us. Pebbles, if he could talk, would surely say, “This too shall pass!”. Love you!

  3. Bev Hanna

    Thanks Pat, for this lovely, positive take on the situation, and the reminder that indeed, most of life isn’t about us. Humans spend ‘way too much time inside our own heads, worrying about stuff that’s never going to happen, worst-case scenarios, what-ifs and OMGs. Thanks for the reminder to lift our heads out of the doom and gloom and remember to smell the roses (or crocuses).

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