Embracing the possible.

There’s so much uncertainty in the world right now and none of us can possibly know for certain what’s going to happen.

Yet it seems our natural impulse is to imagine the worst.

With horses, and with many of the things in our lives, if we’re going to spend time imagining the future, let’s at least make it a future we want to be in.

Stay safe but try to find the positive if you can.

12 thoughts on “Embracing the possible.”

  1. Sandy

    Loved how you adapted this week’s message to be so relevant and positive – it contains excellent advice for everyone. We’re doing ok / staying inside pretty much 100% of the time. Doing what we can to contribute to flattening the curve. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
    Sandy and Joce

  2. Judith McCracken

    VERY GOOD ADVICE! I never heard it put that way but projecting into the future is not trusting in ANYTHING. Right? And fear can grab you around the throat and not let go.
    I love watching your videos. This one was practical and comforting at the same time. Like talking to a good friend. Thank you Pat, I like seeing your horses too. All this will come to an end soon and life will resume. It may be different but the key is flexibility, right? God bless….

    1. Thanks Judith. Trying times for sure. It’s always nice to have horses around when things get stressful. They remind us of the ‘now’. God Bless you too, Judith. Stay safe.

  3. Angela

    Your message is inspiring Pat. Thanks for the work you are doing to help horses and people. I am feeling somewhat lost and worried about change. I am enjoying watching the birds at my feeder and it is good to be well rested. The air outside is so fresh and perfect it seems strange to be indoors. I am taking it one week at a time. Thanks for reminding me not to project worry and fear. You are a natural coach.

    1. Hi Angela. I think one of the blessings of having horses is that they keep you busy and that leaves less time to dwell on things. I hope you can find ways to enjoy the time. It’s a great time to read some of the great books about horses…send me an email if you want and I’ll give you list of my favourites. Hang in Angela. This too shall pass.

  4. Andrea Mifsud

    Even though i am not a regular at the barn, i always love watching your videos.
    Your message was a beautiful reminder to always try to find the positive in all situations. Thinking of you and wishing you and all the horses to stay healthy and safe.
    Andrea, Kyle and family

    1. Thank you Andrea. You don’t have to a ‘regular’ in order to be part of this place. When all this settles feel free to drop by and get your horse fix. In the meantime, stay safe and try to enjoy the down time.

  5. Melodie

    Always great messages, Pat. Thank you for always staying positive even when it’s uncertain times.
    I sent you a text. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

    Take care of yourself and all the beasties!

    1. Thanks for thinking of us Melodie. What’s that expression? Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…right? LOL
      See you on ‘the other side’ . Stay safe

  6. Hi Pat! This was a wonderful and wise post. I’ll say one thing, I wish I had learned to ride at your school… I would have known not to worry so much!

    I hope you are staying safe and well. Take care!


    1. Thanks Jeff! Always lovely to hear from you.
      I hope you and yours are managing with all of this. It really is a bit uncharted isn’t it? Yet it almost feels like there’s a bit of an energy shift, for lack of a better turn of phrase. Maybe we’ll all come out the other side of this with a different perspective on the things that matter. Take care and stay safe. Thanks again.

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