Keeping horses comfortable

A lot of things have changed for horses and one of the best things is the emphasis most people put on how we can keep them comfortable.

Fitting a saddle correctly to a horse is like a science now and so much of the equipment being made is designed with the intention of making the horse’s life better.

This is all wonderfully good of course but it’s also really nice when a solution comes along that doesn’t require a mortgage!

We recently found one and that’s what this week’s video is about.

4 thoughts on “Keeping horses comfortable”

  1. Sandy

    I love your weekly videos Pat. So informative and engaging. You are a real natural at delivering them too. Thanks for taking the time.


      Thanks so much Sandy! I really appreciate that. We have a lot of fun doing them…:-)

  2. Judith McCracken

    I NEED that for my Icelandic Horse! When mounting and dismounting, her saddle slips. She’s very hairy and chunky to boot. I have yards of that stuff somewhere…….
    Thanks for the great news!


      I hope it works for you Judith. The Icelandics seem like such lovely horses but I’ll bet they’re not easy to fit…I always imagine them to be a bit like a pony (although I’ve never ridden one). Let me know if it works for you! Thanks

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