Containing horses…

Given that the horse originated as a non-territorial creature that moved around a lot, we change things up quite a bit when we place them inside fenced areas.

Like everything with horses, the more time I spend with them, the more I appreciate the advantage in seeing things the way they do.

Sometimes, even when we get it wrong, we can learn important lessons.

2 thoughts on “Containing horses…”

  1. Judith McCracken

    Great insight! Thank you for sharing.
    We just bought 1 acre surrounded by steel fencing in a circular pattern. We love having them with us now and there’s lots of shade and a little grass to munch. We’re free-feeding on grass hay and they graze all day. They’re so satisfied and calm now. My little herd seems happier in this environment. Our riding time is calmer too. They seem happy to interact and be with us now. Thanks for your insight!


      Hi Judith. Thanks for your comment. Your arrangement sounds lovely. I’ll bet your horses are happier for sure. It’s a fair bit of work having them at home but it is so worth it when you can just look outside and see them. Enjoy!

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