We owe the horse a lot…

Horses have been a part of our history almost since the beginning. In fact, a lot of our expressions reflect how long the horse has been a part of our lives.

I don’t think it ever hurts to remember that in the full scheme of things, there is much that we owe the horse.

3 thoughts on “We owe the horse a lot…”

  1. Krista

    Thank you! I’ve often wondered where sayings came from and why they chose to mount from the left so long ago.

    My mom is also a leftie and is glad that there are no longer people in school who would hit your hand with a ruler if they caught you writing with it. And watching Sadie drink water is a hoot.

  2. Linda Clulow

    Just another bit of trivia: The expression “to put the cart before the horse” is an analogy for doing things in the wrong order. Don’t know where it originated though, maybe someone else knows.

  3. How about “flogging a dead horse”, “just horsing around”, “horse sense” and “taking the reins” or “reining it in”? Then there’s “hold your horses”, “champing (or chomping) at the bit”, “mare’s nest” and “closing the barn door after the horses have gone”. Or the “stirrup cup”, a liquid fortification imbibed by fox-hunters on cold mornings, offered by a servant standing at the noble’s stirrup.

    Great topic! I’d love to hear more. I was fascinated to learn about the connection between cantering and the Canterbury pilgrimages. (BTW, referring to our most recent conversation, remind me to tell you my Canterbury Cathedral story. Soooo embarrassing! LOL)

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