It seems almost impossible but here we are…

So October 1 marked (I believe) the 33 anniversary of Harrogate. As always, I can find the math troubling…1985 – 2018…I think that’s right…:-)

Anyway, just some thoughts on the horses, riders, friends, and supporters I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these past 3 and a bit decades…



9 thoughts on “It seems almost impossible but here we are…”

  1. heather haller

    Happy Anniversary!!!
    Love all the pictures of the old guys.

  2. Heather scherling

    So happy to have connected with you again – I love this short video with heart-felt words. Good for you, Pat!


      Thanks Heather…glad you have been here now to see what I’ve been doing for the last ‘few’ years…:-)

  3. Linda Clulow

    Congrats Pat on over 30 years of encouraging our young people to engage in the wonderful sport of horse riding. May you continue to inspire the young and old in the future.

    My son came to your facility at 10 years of age, shy and unsure about working around and riding such large creatures. Through time, his ability increased, his self esteem blossomed and his interaction with fellow riders created long lasting friendships. He is now 26 and his Harrogate memories are precious and ever lasting.

    Thank you Pat for your service, your integrity and belief that horses can and do shape the life and work ethics of our children. This would not be possible without a supportive environment.



      I know you share the same appreciation for horses that I have…Thanks Linda

  4. Jen Mark

    Way to go Pat. I have a lot of fond memories of Harrogate. The people of course. I still keep in touch with some. I remember Jake taking me through at door into the aisle… in my assessment. And listening to Shania while getting ready for horse shows! Keep it up!
    ❤️ Jen


      You can’t believe how often I have told that story…that actually may have been when I started going grey….LOL
      Thanks Jen!

  5. David Galpern

    What a lovely video, Pat. You profoundly impacted my life and I continue to share lessons you and the horses taught me over these last (ahem) 30 years. Xox


      Hi David
      How in heavens name did you find this?
      Thank you so much for watching and leaving a comment…and don’t under estimate how much you have impacted my life, David.
      The great thing about horses is that they are constantly teaching, regardless of how much time you spend with them.
      I hope all is well.
      Thanks again David

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