Equine Semaphore

“How can I tell what the horse is thinking?”

Well, in actual fact, learning to know what the horse is thinking is a lot like learning a new language. It will take a while to be fluent and at the beginning you may have to master the alphabet and some basic grammar rules.

I made this short video and in it you’ll see some pretty clear interactions between the horses. After you watched it for the big obvious signals the horses give, watch it again and look for the subtler indicators that warn the other horse what’s coming.

Watch horses at liberty every chance you get. It gives you great insight into their world, helps in your training, and gets you constantly closer to knowing what they are thinking.

I have to confess that I also put this video together because I came across footage of “Grandpa” from when we first got him and this gave me an excuse to share it with you….:-)