How close can we get?

So I couldn’t find the VHS tape, (or a machine that could play it), but if you can accept my paraphrasing, I can still share some words of wisdom from the late, great Dr. Reiner Klimke.

He won six Olympic gold medals and two silvers in his career but the way he really gained my unending respect over the years was his attitude towards training his horses.

Following his advice is one way to ensure we keep our horses happy.


P.S. My apologies in advance to all the motorcycle riders I know who probably can’t wait to tell me how wrong I am about their machines!


4 thoughts on “How close can we get?”

  1. Linda Clulow

    Great segment! Aside from the motorcycle analogy! My bike did have a personality!…. but I truly love Dr. Klimke’s respect for the personality of the horse and his ability to meld his training methods to embody the horses true nature.


      I had a feeling I might here from you about the motorcycles…I am sure you are not alone in disagreeing with my somewhat witless comparison!…If I’d had time I would have re-recorded it and taken that bit out….anything to avoid the wrath of the two wheelers….:-)

  2. Mary

    I just loved this sentiment – how I feel with my horse and probably why I talk to him so much when we’re out on an exploratory hack.

  3. Lynne

    Great video Pat! I think this really captures how this is a partnership between people and horses and how we can’t just bucket them all into the same mold. They are each unique and understanding and working with that is half the fun, in my opinion.

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